Eneólica, S.A.

Eneólica, S.A is a company whose main activity is developing, implementing and managing electric energy generation projects from renewable sources.
Integrated in Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia, Eneólica is committed to the future as a target market, in which the diversity of markets, the permanent exploration of new renewable energy sources and the use of cutting-edge technology form an innovative and sustainable basis from the social and environmental points of view.

What we do

To convert into electricity, through advanced technological projects, the energetic potential of the wind, tides, watercourses, sun or organic sub-products of several human and farming activities and using in the network for domestic and industrial consumption is a challenge the society faces and with which Eneólica is strongly committed.


Eneólica, S.A was established in 2002 and, in 2007, it became part of Lena Ambiente & Energia, now NOV AE SGPS, S.A.
In January 2007, PESMA - Parque Eólico da Marvila, S.A. was established, aimed at implementing and managing Marvila´s wind park, in the municipality of Batalha. That same year, in July, a strategic partnership with AW-Energy resulting in SEANER, S.A. reached through. This company manages the WaveRoller project - the first full-scale wave power plant settled on the coast of Peniche. In December 2008, the operation of the wind park at Serra do Sicó, in the municipality of Pombal, was launched, with EESS, S.A. as the project´s managing company.


Eneólica - Energias Renováveis, S.A.
Rua de Tomar, n.º 80
2495-185 Santa Catarina da Serra - PORTUGAL
Tel.: (+351) 244 749 100 - Fax (+351) 244 749 110
Email: geral@eneolica.pt
Website: www.eneolica.pt