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This website is the property of NOV AE SGPS, S.A. (hereinafter referred to as "Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia"). This privacy policy explains how we use the personal information that we collect upon your access to this website.

Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia understands the importance of protecting your personal data regardless of their nature. For this reason, we adopted a set of security measures that aim to protect the personal data of whoever uses our website. In this Privacy Policy, we explain who we are, the purpose of your data, their treatment, their storage period, as well as the means of contacting us and exercising your rights. Users shall carefully read this privacy policy which has been clearly and simply drawn up, to facilitate comprehension and freely and voluntarily decide whether they intend to provide their personal data to Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia or not. Thus, the user ensures he/she is of legal age and that the provided data are true, accurate, complete and current, taking responsibility for any direct or indirect damages or losses that may result from the breach of such an obligation.

If you have any questions about the processing and protection of your data, please send us a message to


This privacy policy applies to all personal data collected through the website


The personal data processed on the website are:

  • Collected on the Contact Form: name, email, phone, subject and message; 

Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia will, manually and/or in automated ways, process personal data for the following purposes:

  • Commercial and corporate contacts: the data collected on this website are necessary to answer prospective clients or corporate partners and are meant for processing and informing those involved. The information requested on the Contact Form is mandatory; without it, it´s not possible to proceed with the above-mentioned purposes.
  • Web optimization: we collect a limited amount of data from our website´s users, which we use to help us improve their experience while using our website and managing the services we provide.

Marketing: should Clients provide their explicit consent upon the creation or correction of their registration, Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia may process their data for the purpose of sending information on products, news, campaigns and offers, through any communication channel, namely by email or other means of contact. The consent to processing personal data for direct marketing purposes may be withdrawn at any time, by:

  • Selecting "Unsubscribe" on any received email;
  • Contacting the company through the email address


We store your data only for the period necessary for the purpose of their collection. For the purposes hereby provided, your personal data will be stored during a maximum period of 10 years as of the moment of your consent and provided you haven´t withdrawn your consent during this period.


By providing your consent to this Privacy Policy, you allow the processing of your personal data for the provided and selected specific purposes.  

If consent is legally required for processing personal data, the data subject has the right to withdraw his/her consent at any time, even though that right doesn´t compromise the lawfulness of processing based on the previously provided consent or of further processing of those data based on a different legal framework, such as a contractual compliance or a legal obligation to which Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia may be subject.

In order to withdraw your consent, please contact us by post mail or e-mail at


Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia may disclose personal data to its subsidiaries that are potential employers or for the purpose of providing the relevant service. These subsidiaries agree to process the said personal data only and exclusively for the abovementioned purposes and in accordance with the instructions received, in strict compliance with the legal dispositions on data protection, information security and other relevant rules. 

Should you wish to receive further information on recipients, please contact us by using the address: Rua de Tomar, n.º 80 - 2495-185 Santa Catarina da Serra - Portugal; or the e-mail 

These companies shall receive exclusively the personal data needed for the concerned provision of service and shall commit to process the said personal data only and exclusively for the above-mentioned purposes.


The processing of users´ data may be performed by a legitimate service provider engaged by Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia. This service provider shall process the said personal data for the purposes defined by Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia and in accordance with the instructions received, in strict compliance with the legal dispositions on data protection, information security and other relevant rules.


Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia shall process user´s data within the European Economic Area (EEA) and it does not envisage any transfer to a country outside the EEA.


At any time, while Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia holds or processes personal data, users may exercise the following rights:

  • Right of access - the right to obtain a copy of the information we hold concerning you;
  • Right to rectification - the right to correct the data you consider inaccurate or incomplete;
  • Right to be forgotten - you may ask for the erasure of your personal data from our records;
  • Right to restriction of processing - under certain conditions, the right to restriction of processing;
  • Right to portability - the right to receive your data and to transmit them to another organization;
  • Right to object - the right to object to certain methods of the processing;
  • The right to object to automated individual processing, including profiling.

The abovementioned rights may be exercised through the e-mail or by registered letter to:

Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia

Rua de Tomar, n.º 80

2495-185 Santa Catarina da Serra



Should users wish to submit a complaint regarding the processing of their personal data by Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia or the handling of their complaint, they have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority and with Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia. 

Contacts Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia:

Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia 

Rua de Tomar, n.º 80

2495-185 Santa Catarina da Serra



The data in the contact form as well as in the newsletter which are identified with (*) are mandatory for the defined purpose. Thus, should users not provide them, Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia may not respond to their request.


Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia adopts the proper technical and organizational measures aimed at protecting the users´ personal data, including the use of safe servers, firewalls, data encryption regarding applications and communications.


Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia uses session cookies. These are small informative files sent from the website´s server to the user´s browser and stored in his/her computer. Those are temporary cookies that remain in the cookies archive only during the use of the website. These cookies are exclusively used by Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia and solely for the purpose of analysing web traffic patterns, enabling to determine issues and to provide a better browsing experience.


From time to time, Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia shall update this Privacy Policy, whenever necessary for fulfilling legal or technological requirements. Changes will be disclosed in this online page; therefore, it is recommendable to regularly review this document to stay updated.


In case of doubts regarding the hereby included themes, please contact us through the address: Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia - Rua de Tomar, n.º 80 - 2495-185 Santa Catarina da Serra - Portugal; or the e-mail 


Last update 27.03.2019